A Deeper Discovery


What is Creative Meditation?

We are all creative. Whether you use your creativity in the form of problem solving, connecting ideas, crafting, or coming up with new solutions, you are using creative muscles. Even managing day-to-day activities is a form of creative expression. The key to all growth starts with the seed of a new idea. The ability to visualize something in a new light is the center of all creativity.

Neon Alchemy was created to provide guidance in personal growth. We use a variety of specialized techniques to hone in on your inner visionary to bring out your highest intention. A session with us is a truly unique experience. We provide a new way to tap in to your center using color, symbolism, and breath.

We meet you at your level of experience.

If you are completely new to the practice of meditation, this is a great way to introduce yourself to a deeply meaningful connection. If you are a seasoned meditation practitioner, our sessions provide room to marry your previous inner knowledge with our visualization. The best part is that there is room for growth and adjustment. Not the best at sitting still? No worries, we encourage movement, stretching, deep breathing, whatever you need to get the creativity flowing! This practice is always about you.