our featured meditation


Anxious Friend.

I control the space I create for my anxiety...

Being a “creative” gives people the impression that I create because I like to make pretty things. While a portion of that is true, the deeper truth is that painting and drawing is a way to sift through my thoughts. My brain doesn’t shut up. Like ever. Anxiety often makes my head cloudy with worry or on the opposite end, hyper focused on what’s out of my control. However, I’ve learned a very useful tool: I actually give my anxiety something to do. You guessed it, ding, ding, ding! Painting, creating, and being present. Nothing like the present to pull you back from the uncertain future, where anxiety thrives. Join us May 20th, as we learn to be present and use color to find a little bit of calm.

Again, I’m honored to share this meditation with you via the folks at Gravity. I am beyond excited to hold space with this beautiful project!