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About  Sherleelah

Neon Alchemy began at the crossroads of my own personal and creative journey. I found myself faced with the question: "How can I use my creativity for growth?” The answer came with the first step towards honesty. I started from the beginning. I relearned how to breathe, how to feel, and how to create my own destiny. With an open heart, I began to use my art and visualization as a meditative tool. Neon Alchemy is about merging my two loves: art and meditation. It is a unique practice in not only self-care, but self-acknowledgement. Forward movement begins with the understanding of where you already are.

I have spent my spiritual and artistic career exploring the intersection of creativity and the human experience. As a child, I spent countless hours, reading stories about heroines of old and watching anything with a mythical adventure. There was an ever-present spectrum in all that I consumed: a delight of color and discovery.

A lifetime fascination with art, mythology, and spiritual studies became essential inspiration for my work. I believe that we are all drawn to personal symbols, and I founded Neon Alchemy to help others contemplate the presence of meaning and symbolism in their lives. I look forward to helping you find your inner visionary.

Visualize. Create. Manifest your path.